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What if you cared for you with money?

Did you know that the How to become money workbook was the original foundation manual?

This amazing workbook includes all the key elements for a life of total freedom, of living beyond need, beyond survival, lack, not enough..

What if money is never a problem again, only a tool for creation of possibilities?

This 10 part telecall with start dismantling all the points of view you've bought around money and all the places you limit your being. Anything that we put outside of us, we cannot be. These calls are the invitation to BE the infinite source of Money in our lives.

Whats included in the course?

10 Zoom Calls, 60 to 90 minutes
Audio recordings of the calls
Audio and written clearings
Reading through the workbook
Time for questions and clearings around whatever shows up for you with  money

Times and dates:
Oct 19th-Dec 21st, 12:30pm-2:00pm EST

Price: 590 CAD (59$ per week)

Please Have the workbook and a pen in front of you for the calls.
You can purchase it HERE

Registration link HERE

Any other questions? Email me or Kiran at

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